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Don't Like Your Job? Find the Opportunity

Learn the Basics of Resume Follow-Up and Get Noticed

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How To Extend A Job Offer To A Candidate
Extending a job offer is a critical step in the recruitment process. Here is how to extend a job offer to a candidate.

8 Tough Nursing Interview Questions Asked In Healthcare
Here are eight of the toughest interview questions ever asked by an employer.

5 Ways Employers Can Help Fix The Skills Gap
Check out these five ways employers can help fix the skills gap in the workplace. It makes hiring easier, and retaining employees much smoother.

How To Decide Between Two Candidates For A Job
You have two equally great candidates. You have one job to offer. Here's how to decide between two candidates for a job.

6 Rhode Island Companies With Great Cultures (Who Are Hiring Now!)
List of 6 companies in Rhode Island with great company cultures who are hiring now:

When Should You Say You Can Start A Job?
When interviewing for a position, when should you say you can start a job? Read on to understand how to answer this question.

When To Ask About Pay For A Job: What Constitutes A Good Time To Ask?
If you're curious when to ask about pay in the job hunt, here's what you need to know.

5 Warning Signs Of A Bad Job Candidate--Even If The Interview Rocked
Good interview, bad candidate: it's all too frequent in hiring. Here are the main warning signs of a bad job candidate.

How To Explain Why You Were Fired: Interview 101
You can't lie about being fired in an interview. Here's how to explain why you were fired in a job interview.

6 Vermont Based Jobs That Burn Calories
No more sitting at a desk and being a slouch. These Vermont based jobs will help you burn calories while earning a paycheck.

5 Tips On The Protocol For Two Weeks Notice
Looking to leave your job and not burn bridges? Here's a few tips on protocol for putting in two weeks notice.

How To Set A Salary
Setting a salary for a position depends on multiple factors. Learn how to set a salary with these useful tips from

The Ultimate Interview Checklist
3 copies of your resume. Check. Cash for parking. Check. Here's an interview checklist, because you just never know what to expect.

How To Write An Offer Letter For Employment
Writing an offer letter isn't as simple as listing compensation and a start date. Learn how to write an offer letter for employment.

How To Conduct a Face-to-Face Job Interview
A face-to-face interview can be just as intimidating for an employer as it is for a candidate. Here's how to conduct a face to face job interview.

How To Make A Job Offer
Making a job offer is not as simple as it may seem. Learn how to make a job offer with these helpful tips from

Twelve Tips for a Successful Holiday Office Party

5 Clever Ways to Make More Money and Be Happy Doing It

10 Sales Associate Interview Questions And Answers

5 Signs Your Performance Evaluation System is Broken

Ten Tips for a Smoother Open Enrollment

You're Never Too Small for HR

Make a Better First Impression with These Eight Tips

Advanced Job Search Tools To Find Job Opportunities

3 Ways To Save Time In Your Job Search

5 Volunteer Benefits For Job Seekers

4 Recruiting Mistakes To Avoid In Finance & Insurance

How To Get The Most From A Pre-Employment Background Check

Recruiting Better Candidates: 4 Simple Tips

4 Retail Recruiting Tips For Better Candidates

8 Physical Therapist Interview Questions & Answers

Cost of Finding a Job

Helpful Apps for Acing Interviews

6 Pre-Screening Questions To Ask Candidates

15 Simple Workplace Wellness Ideas For Small Businesses

Your Online Persona: Make Sure It Shines

Ten Important Answers When Hiring New Employees

A/B Testing For Recruiting: 3 Simple Things To Test

How To Write An Effective Company Description

7 Amazing Ways To Celebrate Employee Birthdays

3 Ways to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Candidate

10 Customer Service Representative Interview Questions

Three Tools to Organize the Modern Job Search

Spending Accounts Save Everyone Money

Are Your Interviews Legal?

Catch Them Being Good

Job Seekers Weigh In with Mixed Strategies

Documenting Your Reference Checks

Defining Your FMLA's Actual Time Off

Three Ways to Optimize Keywords for ATS and Database Success

360 Degree Performance Appraisals: Best Practices

Eight Simple Rules for Managing with Success

Turn Negative Reviews Into Positive Change

The Ultimate Cover Letter Template

4 Common Healthcare Recruiting Mistakes To Avoid

These 4 Daily Habits Will Help You Land a Job in the New Year

4 Job Search Techniques to Avoid

Four Traits for Aspiring Social Media Managers

Summer Internships Take a Little Homework

More Summer Career Reading

Summer Career Reading

Staffing Strategies for a Recession

Eight Recession Resilient Jobs

MySpace, Twitter, Facebook: Avoiding Career Pitfalls

Advanced Testing Equals Faster, Smoother Results

Short-term Temping Has Unexpected Payoffs

Interview with a Registered Nurse

More Summer Business Reading

More Benefits to 'Divers-ability' Than Meet the Eye

Summer Business Reading

Three Tactics to Effectively Manage Social Media Time

Five Steps to an Informed Career Choice

Five Reasons to Keep Job Searching During the Holidays

Green Jobs Are Growing. What Do They Look Like?

Five Ways to Be a Great Small Business Employer

Check Fit Before Hiring

Employers' HR Priorities Focus on Salary, Training and Staffing

Create a Work Culture with Amazing Results

Three Amazing Gifts Twitter Has Given Me

3 Reasons Why You Should Work For A Former Employer

Sustainability: Your New Recruiting 'Hook'

Defining Company Perks Can Reinforce Your Employment Brand

Job Fair Season = Work Opportunities

7 Career Books to Read During a Job Search

Be Ready for That Prized Interview

Job Offers Aren't Always Set in Stone

How to Find Your Dream Job

Summer Jobs: Get Them While They're Hot

Consistent Communication Motivates Employees

References Require Some Legwork

Give Your Job Search the Time It Deserves

Learning and Earning: Try Apprenticeships As a Recruiting Tool