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4 Retail Recruiting Tips For Better Candidates

By: JobsInTheUS.com

JobsInVT.com has been serving the Vermont market for over 10 years, so we are in a unique position to monitor and report on the employment trends within the state.

We recently identified a few key trends based on jobs posted, searches performed by job seekers and other key metrics across a wide range of national and local job sites. Taken together they offer a unique perspective into the key trends for employment in Vermont.

A significant finding was that one of the top industries in the state of Vermont is Retail. To help assist Vermont's recruiters in their talent search, we've put together a list of four helpful retail recruiting tips to attract better candidates.

1. Audit your job postings

What are you currently saying about your open employment opportunities? What have you said in the past? Is the information accurate? Does the job description help sell your opportunity, and put your best foot forward online?

Taking a minute to audit your job postings is a step that often is ignored by retail recruiters, but it's a necessary one. Conducting an audit enables you to identify opportunities to update or improve your postings, which can make all the difference in attracting the right candidate.

2. Make it clear and easy to apply

You're looking for high-caliber candidates; people you don't want to lose due to a long and cumbersome application process. If you have a multi-page, multi-questionnaire application, consider identifying the unnecessary steps in your audit to trim down the time spent applying.

By making it easier to apply, you're showing a sensitivity to candidate's needs while improving the conversion rates of your applications.

3. Grow your network

98% of the people who apply to your open positions probably won't get hired. What do you do with that 98% of people who know your company, most likely use your products, and want to work for you? The mistake most retail recruiters make is discarding these 98%. It's the equivalent of "throwing the resume in the trash."

Instead, consider either growing your personal network or a company network with the most promising of these 98% to potentially fill future openings. Invite the most promising candidates to either connect via your LinkedIn profile, or subscribe to a recruiting email newsletter for future updates. By doing so, you'll have a pool of talent you can call on to quickly fill future openings.

4. Be friends with the Marketing department

There's always an internal battle between HR and Marketing departments. Marketing wants to control the message being shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. - while HR would like to tap into that devoted following to talk about the employment opportunities that exist at your organization.

What should you do to bridge the divide? Set up a meeting - either over lunch or in your local conference room - and share how you think the two messages can coexist. Marketers are always looking for fresh content to share on social media outlets, and the company's employment opportunities are great content. Work together to make that content interesting so you can tap into the devoted following behind your company.

Following these four simple retail recruiting tips will help you maximize your online efforts and attract the high quality candidates you're looking for!