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5 Tips On The Protocol For Two Weeks Notice

By: JobsInTheUS.com

How do you gracefully leave your job? We’ve generated a list of the best protocol for two weeks notice. Remember these five tips to employ before your next job transition—you don’t want to burn any bridges before leaving.

Tips On The Protocol For Two Weeks Notice

Give plenty of notice.

Tell both your current boss and future employer you want to be able to wrap things up before leaving. Allot whatever time you think you’ll need to finish up a project, or whatever amount of time your boss needs to start looking for someone to take your place. Be sure to tell your new employer you wish to be respectful and not leave your current role with any loose ends (thus, it’s not a good idea to sound overzealous by exclaiming, “I can start tomorrow!”). Provide plenty of time for you to finish strong in your current position and to prepare yourself for the new role, if you have one lined up.

Don’t feel compelled to explain why you’re leaving.

If you decided to leave for negative reasons, you may want to consider offering constructive feedback to your boss or to HR about your experiences. You’re not obligated to provide specifics when it comes to the protocol for two weeks notice. If you simply found a new role with a different company, telling your boss is unlikely to land you in a risky career situation going forward.

Don’t lose motivation in your last two weeks.

Slacking off is one of the big no-nos in the protocol for two weeks notice. If you start showing up late, leaving early, or putting in little effort when finishing up projects, you won’t garner a great recommendation from your supervisor.

Tell your boss in person—not in a note, call or email.

Preserve respect from your boss by informing him or her of your plans in person. Not only would an email or voicemail be impersonal, it would also paint you as someone without the self-confidence to deliver the news in person.

Be positive and express your appreciation of the role.

The protocol for two weeks notice includes sharing your gratitude for your job to your soon-to-be former boss. Leaving your prior role on a positive note—and on good terms—will help you receive better recommendations.

It’s important to assess the pros and cons of giving notice and quitting. If you’re anticipating a good recommendation, follow the protocol for two weeks notice. If circumstances in the office ended on a sour note and you feel like quitting immediately would suffice, that’s a decision to consider. Whether you’d be doing unpaid work for the remaining two weeks, or if office relationships were too rocky to salvage, there are sometimes reasons to leave sooner than two weeks.

What are your tips on the protocol for two weeks notice? Let us know!