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5 Ways Employers Can Help Fix The Skills Gap

By: JobsInTheUS.com

As many enter the workforce or switch jobs, there’s an ever-widening skills gap. Employers don’t want to devote the time to train or retrain employees. Many young people are becoming less and less equipped to enter the workforce, leading to high rates of unemployment and underemployment within that demographic.

How can employers help to mend this growing problem?

Here are a few ways employers can help fix the skills gap.

5 Ways Employers Can Help Fix The Skills Gap

For starters, companies can begin recruiting earlier. By speaking to high schoolers about what skills they would need to build up before starting with your company, for example, you can start recruiting from the demographic pool that’s most affected by the skills gap.

Search for the fast learners. The true assets to your company will be the ones who don’t require lengthy training sessions or damage control later on (from not grasping the initial training).

One of the best ways employers can help fix the skills gap is to form partnerships in higher education. Through trade schools or colleges that provide the skills your own employees use daily, you can help inform students what they need to know about your line of work. Then, as they acquire proper training in school, you can set up internship programs. After graduation, the schools can better place the students with that skills gap already taken care of.

Redesign the work to accommodate existing skills. Even if there is a skills gap present in your own business, perhaps from a lack of technological expertise, you can shift the work around to suit different working styles.

Another one of the major ways employers can help fix the skills gap? Make the training less in-person and more online. That way, you won’t have to worry about dedicating hours on end when training new employees or retraining longtime team members.

Inform younger demographics of where they can find a job in a fast-growing field. If high schoolers know ahead of time what they should work toward and where they can find jobs, the skills gap can slowly be repaired. With 1 in 4 high school seniors saying they have no idea what kind of career they want to pursue, it’s crucial to make your business visible and welcoming to them.