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Energize Your Job Search

By: Jim Baumer

Losing your job is stressful. As unemployment wears on, getting up each day and searching for a job becomes more and more challenging.

The Problem

With the economy continuing to clunk along, jobs have been slow to return. Even with recent improvements in job reports, the numbers are far from encouraging and many remaining unfilled jobs often don't match the skills of the currently unemployed.

So how can you combat this reality and improve your chances?

Getting Noticed

If you've lost your job, and/or have been out of work for a while, here are five tips that could enhance your success of being considered for a job.

1. Define Your Transferable Skills

Often, transferable skills are more important than your job-related skills. This is especially true if you are changing careers or making the transition from school to work.

For instance, if you were an automobile mechanic and now you want a job repairing household appliances, the transferable skill you should emphasize is your mechanical ability/skills.

2. Locate the Hidden Job Market

Job boards and other sites provide value and have a wealth of job opportunities. At the same time, many of these jobs receive a high volume of responses because they're so well-known, so the competition is high. Don't forget about the other methods that employers use - often prior to posting a job online - that aren't so public. This hidden job market exists and you can tap into this resource through networking.

3. Expand Your Network

Various sources indicate that 60-70 percent of all jobs are found through networking. Growing your network will pay dividends. Networking is simply about building alliances. Have conversations with family, friends, former employers, as well as colleagues from your past employment. It's not just who you know, but who knows you!

4. Start Researching

Get proactive about gathering information for a particular company, a career field, and/or area training resources by visiting a +siRegion+ career center. This will target your job search and increase your chances for success.

5. Consider Starting Your Own Business

Are you creative? Do you have a great idea for a new product? Rather than sitting at home and mindlessly trolling the internet, find a local entrepreneurial network that holds networking nights and forums. Two examples in my state are: the Kennebec Valley Entrepreneurial Network and Maine Entrepreneurs. Find one in your local area.

Start injecting new vitality into your job search today. You might be pleasantly surprised by your return on that investment.

Jim Baumer is a workforce and career consultant with more than 10 years of experience in workforce development. He is currently the director of the Maine Business Leadership Network, as well as an entrepreneur, an engaging speaker, a writer, as well as an independent publisher with three books in print and new ones on the way.