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Finding the Right Tech Consultant

By: Mike Sherwood

In today's world, it seems like you just can't escape technology. It's in your home, your car, and in your office. It's changed how you live your life, and it's also changed how companies hire. Organizations now need an army of technical professionals on hand to develop new technologies, address user interface issues, and meet increasingly complex business demands. The problem with this is that most HR departments don't know how to search for the technical professionals who will fill these roles appropriately.

That's where IT staffing firms come into play, though few understand what they do. Individuals such as this end up asking "Why, or even when, would my company need an IT staffing firm to find a consultant?" The answer to this is simple. You need consultants and technical staffing firms to solve immediate, short-term, none-core competency issues.

1: Searching for New IT Employees

You should reach out to an IT staffing firm when you're searching for new IT employees.

While some HR hiring managers may have experience in technology, the vast majority doesn't. As a result, they often have a difficult time reading technical job applications and determining the best person for the position. It's not the HR manager's fault. The market is flooded with resumes that have all the right phrases, all the right skill sets, without the actual skills to back them up. Too often, HR ends up hiring an individual who looks good on paper, but cannot perform the actual duties they were hired to do. IT staffing firms eliminate this nightmare, by not only find the right person quickly, but also by testing the candidate's abilities.

IT staffing firms' technical recruiters understand technology, and can ask the candidate a series of questions to judge their technical competency. The best firms will also ask the candidate to complete a technical interview where they have to prove their expertise in whatever skill set they are being hired to do. Throughout this interview process, the technical recruiters come to understand whether or not this individual can perform the technical role, and whether or not the candidate is a personality fit for your company.

All in all, an IT staffing firm will make sure that you have the best fit, both in technical and interpersonal skills.

2: Solving an Immediate Technical Problem

You should reach out to an IT staffing firm when you need to solve an immediate problem.

Already have technologists on your staff? No matter how good they are, they will eventually be stumped by a strange, detailed problem. This kind of problem could take days or weeks to solve, but an expert in that particular technology could fix it within an hour.

In this scenario, you'd need that technical expert immediately. On your own, it could take you weeks to find this person. If you reach out to an IT staffing firm, however, you could have someone in your shop within a day or two, and the problem solved within hours.

3: Finding Short-term Solutions

You should search for consultants when you need to find short-term solutions.

If your company knows they only need a resource for X amount of time, say for a holiday rush, a contractor is a great solution. Why? Full-time employees most often have to go through extensive training sessions, but this is rarely the case for contractors. They can just start and go. No training period, no expensive benefits, no vacation time. They'll be in and out, while you get a job well done.

If you're looking for this type of short-term solution, you don't want to spend weeks searching for them. By the time you find them on your own, the special occasion you need them for (i.e. holiday rush) may be over. As a result, if you find yourself in this position, you should contact a technical staffing firm. They'll already know who to reach out to, and your tricky, time-sensitive issue will be solved quickly.

4: Outsourcing Non-core Competencies

You should reach out to an IT staffing firm when you are presented with none-core competencies.

Companies, just like people, have to decide what to be good at. If you are a strong Hedge Fund, you may want to outsource large portions of your IT infrastructure. Focusing on your core competencies, and leaving the technological headaches to others, allows your company to grow.

5: Minimizing Taxes

You should search for consultants for tax reasons.

Your company's accountants will frequently prefer that new software is developed by contractors for tax reasons. You're not here for accounting tips, so we won't bore you with the details. Talk to your accountant though; they'll be able to explain this in greater depth.

As tech's role continues to increase in the workplace, and the technology itself becomes more intricate, your IT staff will become indispensable. As a result, you'll need to make sure that you have the best of the best. Hiring an IT staffing firm will allow you to do just that. They understand technology, your non-core competencies, and how to solve immediate or short-term issues. They will therefore be able find the best fit for your company, both in technical and interpersonal skills.

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Mike Sherwood is the Managing Director and Founder of Base36. As a Bowdoin College computer science alum, Mike has led Base36 to be the leading technical consulting company in the state of Maine. Their internal office staff is deeply technical and highly trusted, with many clients hiring wholly based upon their screening feedback.