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Five Reasons to Keep Job Searching During the Holidays


By Margaret Hansen

With business slowing down and people shifting their focus to gift-giving, parties and socializing, it's no wonder that people assume holiday hiring is frozen. But before you buy into this myth, think about its consequences. Putting the brakes on your job search means losing momentum. Here are five reasons to keep your job search candle burning at year's end.

1. Your Competition Is in Hibernation Mode

Job seekers often hang up their hats at this time of year, thinking it's best to wait to send their resume until January 2nd - when everyone's focus is back to work. This might seem logical, but it could also result in missed opportunities. According to a recent survey, about 50 percent of our recruiters are multi-taskers, meaning that recruiting is just one aspect of their job. Take advantage of the holiday lull and get yourself noticed this season. If it's important enough for a company to advertise a job right now, they want it filled - the sooner the better.

2. Temp Jobs Ramp Up

Temp work is at its highest during the holidays, particularly in retail. You could apply for, inquire about and prove your worth for a permanent position. The great thing about temp work is that it gets you moving and talking to others. You never know where that could lead.

3. 'Happy Networking' - err 'Holidays'

Office parties, open houses, and gift parties offer you a chance to meet and greet. Don't dismiss non-work gatherings. New people are in town visiting family and friends; maybe your neighbor's brother works in your industry and knows someone locally that he could introduce you to. Not only will you have fun, you can talk about your job goals in casual conversations and make new connections.

4. January Is the Busiest Recruiting Month of the Year

Get a head start and you'll give recruiters a chance to start the New Year off with a full team, or at least begin progress toward that. Think of how you can help them meet their goals more efficiently.

5. Add 'Initiative' to Your Skills Summary

By sending out resumes, talking with employers and continuing to invest time into your job search during the holidays, you're showing initiative - a trait every prospective employer can appreciate. It's easy to take a break and not think about jobs for the five to six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's, but there are consequences to this choice. Plan ahead and be ready for the New Year - and you'll beat the tsunami of resumes that greet recruiters in January.