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Four More Ways to Build Your IT A-Team

By: Mike Sherwood

By Mike Sherwood

So, you've found a passionate technologist, who fits in, not only technically with your team, but personally, and brings new skills to the group. Perfect, you must have read my article last month. But before you hire this person, here are the remaining four criteria to ensure an A-list team.

5. Don't Hire Too Quickly

In IT, things can change in an instant. One second you think you have a complete team, only to realize that things would be that much better if you had a person dedicated to SEO or Apache. Suddenly, it seems imperative to have this individual on the team as quickly as possible.

While we understand the urgency, we highly suggest not rushing the process. If you're too quick to hire a long-term developer, chances are you won't find the person who's the best fit for you team in the long run. In order to build a team that will reach your organization's goals, you need to be patient. Take the time to make sure your candidate fits all of your requirements.

6. Identify the Right Person for the Task

Identifying the right person for the task is key to building a stellar IT team. If you have your brilliant tech pro doing the same rudimentary task day in and day out, you're not going to have much luck keeping them on. They're simply there for a challenge.

Find a more junior person to do the rudimentary tasks, and keep your best developers constantly working on new and exciting projects. By doing this, they'll stay and help you attract other A-players.

7. Hire Someone Who Understands Business

Too often, organizations hire developers who can write exceptional code in their sleep, but who don't have an idea of what the business does. The best IT teams, however, are made of individuals who not only understand technology, but also business. They're able to bridge that gap between the two, illustrating an understanding of how their contributions will aid the company. Without this knowledge the end product tends to lack a certain functionality or usability.

8. Fire People Who Don't Work Out

While firing people is never a pleasant task, it is a necessary evil. If you want to have an exceptional IT team, you need to periodically evaluate the members of the team to ensure that they're living up to team standards.

If they're holding the team back in any quantifiable way, it may be time to let them go. It won't be a pleasant task, but it's the only way you'll be able to make room for a quality developer. In the long run, the benefits will outweigh the initial uncomfortable conversation and paperwork.

In order to build an exceptional IT team, you need to be willing to put effort and resources into finding passionate technologists who not only add to the team, but fit into it. If you're too quick to hire or refuse to fire those who don't fit, however, your dream of an A-team is not going to be met. This stellar team will be imperative to the success of your organization in the coming years, so start allocating time and money now.

Mike Sherwood is the Managing Director and Founder of Base36. As a Bowdoin College computer science alum, Mike has led Base36 to be the leading technical consulting company in the state of Maine. Their internal office staff is deeply technical and highly trusted, with many clients hiring wholly based upon their screening feedback.