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Getting to Work with 2

By: Jeff Desmond

Getting to Work

With, featuring Rob Brown and Tom Hinman

Everyone has a story of how they found their current job. I recently spoke with our newest hire, Senior Account Manager, Rob Brown, and his hiring manager, Tom Hinman. Here's what I found out...

As the newest addition to the (JiUS) sales team, Rob knew that it was all about finding the right fit.

First of all, Rob, let me welcome you to the (JiUS) sales team.

Rob: Thank you.

What sparked your change in career?

Rob: Well, due to the poor economy my previous employer was forced to make cutbacks and I was laid off. Being unemployed gave me the opportunity to make a career change.

And what was it that you wanted to find in a new career?

Rob: I knew I wanted to find a spot in a small company, one where everyone has a say, and the entire team will listen.

How many jobs did you apply for?

Rob: One.

Really? What was it about JiUS that had you hooked?

Rob: Yeah, this is where I wanted to work. I targeted JiUS for a few reasons. In a previous position I had a great experience using the JiUS sites, and I knew they had a work culture that fits my style. I wanted to work in the job advertising world, and I really liked the JiUS product and culture. Once I read the Company Profile I was sure it was the perfect fit.

What type of 'culture' and 'fit' were you looking for?

Rob: Well, through my experience as a customer and user, I know that JiUS is an established company and a leader in the online job market. I have done the corporate suit and tie thing and knew that wasn't for me - I was looking for a fun, relaxed culture. That's what I saw in the Company Profile: a casual dress code, 'bring your dog to work' days, and a company photo filled with smiling faces.

And is the job everything you had hoped it would be?

Rob: Yeah, as a former customer of JiUS, it's easy for me to make a connection with the employers I call. I have been in their shoes and I know how hard their job is.

Why do you think you were the right choice for JiUS?

Rob: I have a love for recruiting and I know the employment market. I think my experience, knowledge and personality make me a great addition.

When Tom Hinman enters the hiring process he is also looking for the right "fit." Tom, Director of Sales and Marketing at (JiUS), was searching for a new Senior Account Manager to join the sales team.

For most employers, the first step in employment advertising is writing and posting a job description. How did you approach this?

Tom: What I really tried to do with the job posting, through both the text and images, was to tell the story within the job. What are the history, values, traditions, visions and goals of the sales staff here at JiUS?

With the time and expense associated with hiring and training a new employee, how can you tell who will be successful?

Tom: For me, it's not just what the resume shows - the skills, work history, education, and experience - but who you are as a person and how you will work in an organization. It's really about the fit.

'Fit' - can you elaborate on that?

Tom: What I mean is that the applicant is a 'culture fit' for the organization versus a 'qualification fit.' This assumes that the person can meet all the functional job requirements.

And you found Rob to be the right fit?

Tom: During his interview Rob showed me that he will thrive in the JiUS team atmosphere, bring enthusiasm to the sales floor, and has the ability to work in all levels of the organization.

How do you find an employee that will be an organizational fit?

Tom: If you spell out the qualifications and requirements clearly in the job posting, it is up to the individual to set themselves apart from others that apply. Rob did that. I was impressed with Rob's experience in the recruitment industry and his knowledge of the current employment market. He rose to the top of the list, he met our desired qualifications and, through the interview process, he showed his eagerness to add to the JiUS culture.

Rob is now a Senior Account Manager covering the state of New Hampshire. How is he doing?

Tom: Great. His first week here, I passed him in the hall at lunchtime. He was coming in from a four-mile run and stopped me to talk about an idea he had. It was a great idea, and he had already checked it out with his teammates. I knew then that we had found the perfect fit.

First impressions can say a lot, especially on a job interview. Elli Gray, Officer Manager at JiUS, has a track record to prove it.

"I am usually the first person you meet before you see the hiring manager for an interview. Based on first impressions, I can get a pretty good feel about how a candidate would fit in here at JiUS."

So, what was Elli's first impression of Rob?

"Rob seemed comfortable; he was easy to talk to and the kind of person you would want to get to know. I thought to myself, 'He will probably get hired.'"

Telling a story with photographs is no easy task, but that is what Rick Perron, Senior Creative Designer at JiUS has tried to do. As part of a new feature for the homepage, he selected a photograph that told the story of a real job seeker who found their job using the site. The photo shows the relationship between the new hire, Rob, and his hiring manager, Tom.

"As part of the new 'Getting to Work' series, this was our first opportunity to use a 'real hire' photo instead of models on our homepage," explains Rick. "To kick things off, we decided to feature JiUS, with a focus on Rob and Tom. They have a great story of a good fit, and we wanted to capture that in the photo. And I wanted to capture what I've seen first hand, day to day, in Rob and Tom's working relationship."

Capturing a 'Real' Image

  • Create the shot you want. "You would think that your best chance of getting an authentic-looking photo would be to take a lot of candid shots with little planning, but that doesn't usually work out. People don't photograph well when they're taken off-guard. If you give some direction to help create a time and space - and then get them to relax and forget you are there - that works."
  • Get your subjects to relax. "To help them relax, we asked Tom to prepare some jokes for the shoot and Rob to come with some stories, so that they could hang out and keep each other engaged and talking. It really worked well. In fact, we had trouble getting them to move on to the next location a few times, because they were so busy talking."
  • Tell the whole story. "JiUS is a casual work environment, but because we chose some external venues for the photos, we decided to go with business casual attire for the shoot. It was a hot day so Rob wore flip flops to work, forgetting to also bring his dress shoes. We were scrambling to find some shoes for him to wear but then realized, 'This is perfect.' The flip flops together with a tie and dress shirt somehow capture the spirit of JiUS and the new business person - professional, independent, creative. However... I might not recommend it for your job interview."

We'd like to thank the folks down the street at The French Press Eatery, who let us take a few photos for this article. It was a perfect place for the shoot.

Co-owner James Tranchemontagne also owns The Frog & Turtle just around the corner on Bridge Street - a pub specializing in country-style dishes with a Country French, Canadian and Southern flare. In addition to dinner, they serve a wonderful Sunday brunch featuring, among other things, James' made-to-order donuts.

Jeff Desmond graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a degree in communication. Jeff carved a place for himself in internet marketing, design, communications, copywriting, SEO, and personal and employment branding.