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Interview: I Found a Great Hire

By: Margaret Hansen

Rich Brooks

Rich Brooks of flyte new media was looking to fill a new position. Stepping out of tradition, Brooks chose a candidate who had the right attitude and writing skills to move their company ahead - they just had to wait for her to graduate from college.

What was the position that you posted on and had success with?

Rich Brooks: Search Engine Marketer.

Was this a new position?

RB: Yes; we had been providing SEO services, but hadn't had anyone dedicated to it.

How long did it take you to find the right candidate?

RB: We accepted resumes for a couple of weeks, and then had another couple weeks of interviews.

How did you get the word out about the job?

RB: Besides we tweeted it, blogged about it, and posted the opening on our Web site.

How was the result from your job advertisement?

RB: There were a few people that we liked for the position. In the end we choose Nicki, but not for her formal work experience - she had no "real world" work experience. In fact, we had to wait for her to graduate before she could start. However, she was a good "fit" for flyte. She was confident without being arrogant, and she showed us that she was open to learning.

What was your overall impression of the job market in terms of quantity of resumes coming through?

RB: We had a lot of people from out of state who were interested in moving here who may have been overqualified in terms of what they wanted to get paid. The SEO position was odd because it's a very specific skill set, and it needs to be someone who writes well... and I'm really picky when it comes to writers.

Do you have any helpful advice for job seekers who hope to land a job with a company like yours?

RB: Be different. We get a lot of resumes when we post a job, and you need to stand out. Also, you should be active in social media no matter which position you're going for. People on Twitter, people with a blog or a YouTube channel will get preference (all other things being equal), because they understand the seismic shifts going on in business and are capitalizing on them.

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