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Interview: I Found a Great Job

By: Margaret Hansen

Nicki Hicks

Nicki Hicks is the Search Engine Marketer for flyte new media, a web design and internet marketing company. She is among a growing number of people whose social media experience has landed her a job straight out of college. Nicki considers herself lucky and offers advice to new college graduates who are struggling to find work in this economy.

What is your education/background?

Nicki Hicks: I went to Saint Joseph's College in Standish, Maine and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business, with a concentration in Marketing and Advertising. Throughout high school and college, I worked part time as a lifeguard and swim instructor and later as the Assistant Aquatic Director at my college.

Tell me about the great job that you found.

NH: I got my job at flyte right out of college. It's where I've been for nearly two years now, as the Search Engine Marketer. At flyte, I help small businesses optimize their websites and web marketing strategies (including blogging, social media, and more) to increase their online presence and, in turn, increase their bottom line.

How long did you search for a job before landing your current one?

NH: With my impending graduation from college in May of 2008, I started searching for jobs in February of 2008. In total, I interviewed with two companies. I was offered my current position two months later my search began.

That's not a long period of time to job search, were you surprised?

NH: In 2008, the job market wasn't as bad for new graduates - I was lucky in that I hit the market right before things got tough. Of course, as a new grad, I was both nervous and excited about entering the work force. I was lucky. I knew that if worse came to worse and I didn't get this job, I'd be able to fall back on my college job - as the Assistant Aquatics Director.

How do you think today's job market differs?

NH: Today, new grads face an awful reality - being up for jobs against laid off employees with 10 times the qualifications. To combat what's going on right now, I've been talking with seniors in the Business Seminar class at my alma mater for the past two semesters about leveraging social media in order to land a job.

Congratulations, Nicki - and keep up the great work!

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