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More Summer Career Reading


More Summer Career Reading

Looking for a good summer beach read to boost your career, either on your e-reader or in paper form? Here is a suggested title:

Book: Your Life as Art

Author: Robert Fritz

Reviewer: Diane Dunton,

There are so many aspects of this book that I like. For one, Mr. Fritz looks, as the title says, at your life as art. In the book, he talks about the creative process, desires, and purpose. We all have choices and there are many things around the creative process that involve choice. In this book, Mr. Fritz talks about how we have come to define success, what true motivation is and how many of us are searching for our purpose.

His approach is common sense and this book is thought-provoking yet practical as a way to approach one's life. He shares four principles, with the first being: "Think about what you want to create, rather than what you want to eliminate." This engages in a positive approach rather than a problem-solving one.

I encourage anyone seeking a change to give this book a read and know that reading it once will not be enough.

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