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November: A Time to Give Thanks

By: Heidi Sawyer

By Heidi Sawyer

As November rolls around and we wake up to our yards covered in delicate frost and snow, we pause to give thanks to all that is important to us. We at want to give thanks to you, the professionals that have supported us for more than a decade. We know that when it comes to employment advertising you have many choices, and we are grateful that you continue to trust us to deliver the results you expect. We will work tirelessly to keep earning that trust.

Not only are we grateful for your loyalty and business - we appreciate you as professionals. Over the years, you have demonstrated time and time again the passion you have for what you do, and you help fuel that same enthusiasm in us. You inspire us to find new ways to help you get the most out of your recruitment efforts, and to identify ways in which you can attract the right fit for your organization. We sit beside you at HR meetings such as the Strategic HR New England convention and witness firsthand how you are constantly learning new ways to approach your work.

It is because of your commitment to your profession that businesses recognize the biggest asset they have is their human capital. Supporting the needs of the company and its employees is a constant balancing act, and you handle it with grace. You understand the importance of opening lines of communication between staff and management and how everyone in the company is better for it. The impact you have on the organization is far-reaching, from employee engagement to delivering profitable results.

Beyond that, the effects of your work are also felt in the community. You advocate for safe working environments, affordable benefit programs, fair compensation, staff and leadership development, and so much more. You are forward thinking, strategic leaders who challenge everyone to rise to his/her full potential.

Here at, we are proud to stand by your side. We will continue to work hard to attract diverse candidates to our site, so you can trust that one aspect of your job - recruiting - is as seamless and as worry-free as possible. That way, you can spend your time doing all those things that you do best.

Thank you again from all of us at and happy holidays!

Heidi Sawyer brings a fresh and common sense approach to personal development, along with more than 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and training. Since 2006, she has specialized in working with small businesses and non-profit organizations on their employment advertising campaigns, helping them to reduce costs and make the right hire the first time.