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Odd Jobs as a Feasible Option

By: Margaret Hansen

By Margaret Hansen

If necessity is the mother of invention, then an odd job could be your successful career's long lost cousin, who happens to be in town for a few months.

Unplanned Job

You may not have planned a hiatus from your on-track career, but if one is upon you, consider the possible benefits of an odd job:

  • Collecting a paycheck
  • Staying productive
  • Learning something new
  • Helping others
  • Meeting/talking with other people (networking)

Job Seeker Poll

According to a JobsIntheUS.com poll, 94 percent said they would consider an odd job, if they needed work and couldn't find it. Some of our Facebook followers had this to say:

  • "I've been doing [odd jobs] for a while. I can't afford to be choosey," said Tom Luca Sr. of Rhode Island.
  • "At this point, anything to bring in some income," said Alicia Browne of New Hampshire.
  • "Anything is better than nothing," said Dana Lord of Maine.

In light of a lay-off and many months of unemployment, an odd job could be an ideal, in-between solution.

Odd Jobs of Note

Here are nine interesting odd jobs I found in New England this month. A keyword search for these titles could net you similar results.

1. Barn Yard Area Team Member (ME)

What's to Like: You can apply your 4H skills in the great outdoors, entertaining and educating families while helping animals.

Related Careers: Anything in veterinary science or agriculture.

2. Corporate Mascot (ME)

What's to Like: It shows that you don't take yourself too seriously, that you have a sense of fun and adventure, and that you possess courage.

Related Careers: Acting, sales, stand-up/improvisational comedy, public relations, public speaking.

3. Substitute Teacher (RI) or Substitute Teacher Assistant (ME)

What's to Like: A substitute teacher meets an important need in a classroom, and it gives you a glimpse of what it's like to be a teacher.

Related Careers: A more focused teaching career: public versus private school and selecting a specialty: a particular grade or subject, special education, guidance, physical education, etc.

4. Lawn Mower (NH)

What's to Like: It's outdoors and offers some decent exercise along with the instant gratification of seeing your beautiful work result - a nicely manicured lawn.

Related Careers: Landscaping/gardening entrepreneur

5. Pizza Maker/Prep Cook (VT)

What's to Like: Pizza making is a fun, creative endeavor that teaches you a life-longļæ½skill.

Related Careers: Anything culinary and/or hospitality-oriented.

6. Care Giver and Home Helper (VT)

What's to Like: For the right, caring person, it would be a rewarding job that involves many different odd jobs in one and offers a variety of schedules and some surprising employee benefits for part-time work.

Related Careers: Nursing, Social Work.

7. On-call General Laborer (NH)

What's to Like: Getting a bit of exercise a couple of mornings per week is a good start for afternoon job interviews or classes/training.

Related Careers: Warehouse/shipping management.

8. Driver / Cleaning Person for Construction Company (RI)

What's to Like: The work is light and ongoing.

Related Careers: Owning your own cleaning/errand service company.

9. Secret Shopper (NH)

What's to Like: If you enjoy shopping, this won't feel like work and the schedule is flexible. Being a stickler for quality would serve you well.

Related Careers: Retail management, customer service.

Whatever your goals, a series of odd side jobs could turn into whatever you make of it.

Margaret Hansen has been writing professionally since receiving a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Maine. She has worked for multiple organizations as a weekly newspaper reporter, a weekly newspaper editor, and in a variety of internal/external marketing communications roles. Her freelance career has focused on writing and editing for print, email and web publications in the employment industry, as well as manuscript editing and resume writing.