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Personality and Fit Most Likely to Win Job

By: Margaret Hansen

Have you ever met someone who was a "born salesperson," a "math whiz" or someone who would make the perfect teacher? Their innate abilities point to success in certain fields, even before they've gained the proper work experience.

High Score on Being Yourself

In a recent poll, we asked employers to tell us the most important aspect in a job candidate, if they could choose only one.

"Personality or fit" came in at number one with 48 percent of the votes. "Experience" finished at a close second with 31 percent of the votes.

People who score high on the "fit" scale are naturally inclined to perform well in certain jobs and environments, since they "fit" easily into a role. It's possible to learn new habits and gain new knowledge, but it's not as possible to change one's personal preferences - and why would anyone want to?

Even though years of experience are important and warrant consideration, if the right set of personality traits aren't there, the employer is left to wonder how long the employee will stay in a job before finding a better one to suit them. Personality and fit for a particular job gets a higher score.

Be Honest with Yourself

Apply this to your next job search. What are your innate abilities? What do you naturally excel at? A job you enjoy always "pays" you more than one you detest. Even if the job is temporary, find one that you like and you'll continue to move forward in your career.

Margaret Hansen has been writing professionally since receiving a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Maine. She has worked for multiple organizations as a weekly newspaper reporter, a weekly newspaper editor, and in a variety of internal/external marketing communications roles. Her freelance career has focused on writing and editing for print, email and web publications in the employment industry, as well as manuscript editing and resume writing.