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Short-term Temping Has Unexpected Payoffs


By Margaret Hansen

The gap between looking for a job and finding one is starting to close, but not quickly enough. For many unemployed job seekers, eager to get back to work, temping can be the right solution.

Why Temp?

According to a poll, no one was opposed to taking a temp position and nearly 60 percent said that they would take a temporary job for any or all of the following reasons:

  • To fill a gap in their schedule
  • To pay taxes, debts or temporary expenses
  • To tide them over to the next job
  • As a second job
  • If contract stated it was a temporary to permanent position

Leanne's Story

After continuous employment in the insurance industry, one employee is enjoying the benefits of temping.

"I thought working part-time would look better on my resume than just collecting unemployment," says Leanne, a resident of Maine who was laid off after a long stint with a large disability insurance company.

Her employment there included six years before college, plus another nine years after moving back to Maine - most recently as a Customer Service Specialist. Two months after receiving her layoff notice, she took a local temporary position with a national bank as an Administrative Assistant III.

The 27-hour-per-week job allows her the time and flexibility to continue to look for full-time work. What was slated to last six or seven months has stretched into an 11-month temp assignment, and she's recently heard it will last another six months.

"Of course, the part-time hours are not ideal for my paycheck," Leanne added. "But, it does give me time to interview for full-time positions and be a 'part-time stay-at-home mom' to my two kids. And, with me home most afternoons, we no longer need after-school care and I can spend more time with them - including taxiing them around when necessary."

Leanne likes her job. She's been able to brush up on her Excel and PowerPoint skills, and the online timesheets make getting paid quickly a cinch. It's no secret that she is ultimately seeking a permanent, full-time position. With her manager's full support of this, her job is a pleasant one.

"Meanwhile," says Leanne, "I enjoy the extra time with my family as I continue to search for that perfect full-time job."

Who Is Hiring?

In addition to temp positions, there are specific industries that beef up their staff every spring, with many jobs becoming available in: education, hospitality, and construction.