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Summer Business Reading


Summer Business Reading

Looking for a good summer beach read to boost your business, either on your e-reader or in paper form? Here is a suggested title:

Book: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Author: Carol S. Dweck, PhD

Reviewer: Margaret Hansen

If being "naturally gifted" at something without much effort is your key to success, Dr. Carol Dweck has fascinating research to prove that this "fixed mindset" not only severely limits success; it almost guarantees its demise. According to Dweck, those who work hard and see adversity as a challenge to improve are the ones who become "champions." Olympic medalists, NBA superstars and CEO's who can turn a failed company around for good have what she refers to as the "growth mindset."

"Mindset" is a mind-blowing must read that can be applied to education, sports, business and relationships, basically, life, as a way to reach one's potential. And the best part is that anyone, at any time, can change their mindset.

What I Liked Most

What I loved about this book is the specific research findings and real-life examples of superstars, such as Michael Jordan, who didn't make the cut on his high school varsity basketball team. Imagine if he had taken that news as a reason to quit! He took it as a reason to get disciplined, try harder and work on his weak points. Her findings show how humans consistently perform and react to two types of feedback: one that praises "gifts" and one that praises effort. Her findings? Focusing on effort equals consistent, sustainable success.

Whether you use this book to help recruit growth-minded candidates, as a training exercise to improve your team's mindset, or a way to personally grow your own mindset, it's definitely worth the effort of reading it!