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Summer Surfing with Mobile Apps

By: Shawn Mcgowan

By Shawn McGowan

Get less burn with the help of a few cool apps at the beach, pool or camp this summer. Here's my latest app review that will keep you productive in between swims.


Pros: Manages all your passwords across all platforms (smartphone, PC, Mac, online) wirelessly with one login. Even periodically changes your passwords for optimal safety. This makes checking your bank account or making a quick transfer of funds as quick as sending a text. So far, it gets positive reviews and no security issues to date.

Cons: Premium smartphone subscription ($12 per year), Browsing with Lastpass on iPhone is only possible with Lastpass's own in-app browser on iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Dragon Dictation / Apple Siri

Pros: Dragon Dictation is a free app that uses voice recognition software as a keyboard replacement. Apple's Siri is a native app on Apple iOS and allows you to web search and offers verbal reminders for scheduling. Much faster than typing with a keyboard. Safe hands-free voice operation while driving. Coming soon to iPhone: the ability to tweet and create Facebook updates by voice

Cons: Must be connected to the web via wi-fi or cellular service to function, so if you're out of range, you're out of luck. Siri is only available on the iPhone 4S.


Pros: Predictive text (gets smarter the more you use it) is very accurate, especially on longer words. When you become proficient with Swyping, one-handed typing is much faster. Voice dictation on this app is widely reviewed as being top of the line (powered by Dragon above) plus it has handwriting recognition.

Cons: There is a learning curve. In Swype mode, typos can result in entire word changes rather than misspellings and words that aren't in Swype's dictionary or saved by you aren't recognized as words and corrected to the nearest word it can approximate. Unfortunately this app is only available on Android platform.

Well, that's my summer app round-up. May you enjoy the sand and seawater this summer without them sneaking into your phone!

Shawn McGowan has worked as a Social Media Marketing Coordinator with a passion for brand transparency and over 10 years of sales/customer service experience. A native of East Millinocket, Maine, Shawn grew up at the foot of Mount Katahdin and graduated from the University of Maine Presque Isle with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA).