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When To Ask About Pay For A Job: What Constitutes A Good Time To Ask?

By: JobsInTheUS.com

In a job interview, when is it appropriate to ask about pay? Right off the bat? A day after the interview? Not until the formal job offer? Follow these tips to know the right time to bring up salary.

When To Ask About Pay: Hold Your Horses

Bringing this topic up too quickly in an interview setting can leave a sour impression upon your potential employer. Before ever mentioning salary, find out the ins and outs of the role and what’s expected of you as an employee. Asking too soon about pay might make your potential new boss see you as solely money-driven. Express how you care about the work itself before bringing up salary.

Until there’s a sense of commitment established on the employer side, don’t bring up pay. Too often, candidates feel overconfident and jump to the question of pay. The moment an employer has arrived at the idea you’re the one they want to hire, then it’s a good time—and beneficial for you as a candidate, because then you’re finally welcome to negotiate the salary.

The point of a preliminary interview is to get to know you and the skills you bring to the table. When the interviewer brings up salary, you shouldn’t start negotiating or pinpointing what figure you’re looking for. Rather, it’s a good time to say, “I’m open when it comes to salary.” That’s a great way to deflect the question and return to it at an appropriate time.

When negotiating the salary, consider all parts of the equation—benefits, vacation time, days where you can work remotely, etc. If the salary doesn’t quite meet your wishes, perhaps your employer can throw an added perk to the mix. Don’t cross the line between being overly demanding and getting a reasonable salary compromise.

To prevent you from appearing rude in an interview, wait for the right time to bring up salary—in general, this refers to when you’re recognized as a definite shoo-in for the role.

Do you have any tips on when to ask about pay? Let us know!